Water Heater Repair Bridge City

When your Houston water heater system is working as it should, hot water is used virtually for everything, right from the laundry to the showers without a second thought. Once it has stopped working however, the reason for the system’s break down must be detected and repaired as soon as possible. Diagnosing water heater repair problems is important before more damage occurs and leads to more expensive repairs.

Water Heater Repair Bridge City

Water Heater Repair Bridge City

That is where we come in, Plumber in Houston TX are experts at Water Heater Repair and will find the problem quickly, let you know exactly what needs to be done and give you the best possible price to fix the problem quickly.

Have any of these ever happened to you?

No Hot Water

In case there is virtually no hot water, the pilot light should be looked at to make sure it has not gone out. In case it is out though, it can be re-lit through the owner’s manual directions if you have them. While it is something you can attempt on your own, a Plumber in Houston TX hot water repair technician can do it easily without any problems. In the case it is a gas water heater, the thermocouple could be faulty and the technician will then advise if a replacement is needed. The pilot could also be turning off once it has been lit which may indicate a faulty pilot control valve. In the case it is an electric water heater, the upper electric or thermostat heating element might have broken down and a replacement required. If this is all Greek to you?

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High Pitched Whining And/Or Strange Noises

Houston Water Heater Bridge City

Houston Water Heater Bridge City

You might hear some strange, high pitched whining or popping noises from the hot water heater and the reason could be hard-water or mineral scale that has accumulated within the tank, which could be breaking down the system. This calls for tank draining and making sure the sediment has been cleaned out, a job that you might have to call a Houston Cooling water heating repair professional to carry out. It is possible to have excessive sediments building up at the bottom of the hot water tank and not allowing the water to boil. While flushing the water out from the heater and refilling it could fix the problem, it is important to have the water softener checked out.


Seeping Water

In case there is water collecting at the floor around the hot water heater, water is most likely seeping out of the tank, perhaps as a result of a leaky pipe or loose valve. If there is no leaky pipe, tightening the system’s valve should be done. A loose valve means your water will leak out. While the leak is mostly alluded to defective heating elements, obstructed vent or simply a broken valve. It will be best to give us Plumber in Houston TX to take a look.


Smelly Water

Water Heater Repair in Bridge City

Water Heater Repair in Bridge City

There are times the water might begin to smell, in some cases akin to rotten eggs. The reason might be bacterial infection within the hot water heating tank that has fed on the hydrogen gas released by the system’s anode rod. The problem can be fixed by flushing all the water out and then adding two pints of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, in solution form, for a tank that holds 40 gallons. The solution should be left to remain at the bottom of the tank for around 120 minutes prior to refilling with water. The problem should be fixed but in case it persists, the anode rod should be replaced, mostly with a zinc alloy type of anode rod.

While some of these problems with a hot water heating system can be fixed at home, always remember Plumber in Houston TX, a trusted hot water heating Houston repair service, available 24/7 for all emergencies affecting your hot water system.

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